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            2. Location:Home > COATING > Coating Options

              Mirror Coating :  
              Provide interesting effect on sun lenses, create "mirror-like" surface to make the lenses more attractive. 

              Flash Mirror Coating :  
              More color choices on mirror , great match with different style of frames. 
              AR Platinum : 
              Coat on the back side of lens, choose specific lens color to pair up with AR platinum makes surprising outcome. 
              Full REVO : 
              Lens is covered by full surface of revo, overcome the limitation of lens curve.
              Making the whole lens coating color uniformed.

              Perfect for big size lens such as goggles. 
              REVO : 
              Also called "multi-layered" coating, enhance contrast. 
              Revo makes lens appearance more rich and saturated. 
              Provide great protective quality. 

              Contact us for more coating options.

              Online Service